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Simple steps to start creating successful advertising campaigns to see the results you’ve been waiting for for the success of your project and getting it to the biggest target audience and clients.

In the adveror network we always recommend advertisers to do a good study before creating campaigns and this study includes the development of plans, strategies and results that you want to get according to the type of advertising campaigns you want to create. Advertising in the Adveror network is generally divided into:

  1. CPC, It means cost per click, i.e. when the customer clicks on your ad and goes to your site or facebook page … Etc. 
  2. CPM,Cost per 1,000 impressions, that is, when your customers see your ad 1000 times.

Now how can you create an ad campaign?

1 – Sign in to your account and go to the Creating an Ad campaign page at the following link: https://adveror.com/account/create-campaign

You’ll notice that there are many types of ad campaigns that are as follows:

  • Native Banner: This ad is a static image (png,jpg,jpeg) and is available in different sizes.
  • Animated Banner: This ad is a Animated image (Gif) and is available in different sizes.
  • Clip Banner: This ad is a video/clip (mb4 Recommended) and is available in different sizes.
  • CPM Banner: This ad is a static or animated image  and is available in different size, They are only billed for every 1,000 impressions and no clicks are paid.
  • Calls Banner

Please note that native banner and Animated Banner advertising campaigns are exactly the same settings but the difference in the type of images is static or animated.

2 – Click on Examples & Details to see the details of the banner. After that, click on the Create button for any campaign you want to create, and you will be directed to the campaign creation dashboard as follows:

Native Banner

Notes about ADS Campaign :

  • The campaign must be scheduled for at least 3 days.
  • and a minimum daily budget of $1.
  • Good banners design brings you more customers.
  • Maintain good design, proper quality, suitable size and suitable dimensions.
  • Good ad banner size is no more than 1MB. !
  • Ads must be correct and non-fraudulent.
  • Content of ads must be non-violating and suitable for children.
  • When your balance expires, your extra credit will be deducted and when it ends the campaign will stop.
  • Make sure that the information you enter is correct, and you can contact us for any modification 24/7.

3 – Now you will start filling out campaign information, you will choose a name for the advertising campaign and Target URL and it means where your customers will go when you click on the ad you can put a link to your website or Facebook page or your products in one of the stores and others.

4 – In the Image Uploader box you will upload your ad image and always prefer to choose the size of the ad according to the global sizes of the ads in the internet you can see them from this page, and after uploading the image you can simulate the display of advertisements in desktop, phone and iPad.

5 – In the Campaign Budgets box you will enter the advertising campaign budgets. Daily Campaign Budget means the daily budget of the campaign is at least $1. Total Campaign Budget is the total cost of the entire ad campaign and the campaign should not exceed this value. These budgets are introduced because sometimes we can’t deliver the campaign to the daily budget. But don’t worry, don’t be charged until after the ad is complete.

6 – Now you will choose the target audience from the Target Country & Time Zone box as follows:

  • Campaign Target Method: You can choose a country / countries , or a country / group of countries with cities, You can choose the countries as many as you want, but when choosing countries and cities, you must not exceed 15 options Otherwise, please contact us.
  • Select Timezone: Choose the time zone when you want your ad campaign to run. 
  • Campaign Scheduling: Choose scheduling the dates for showing the ads. You can choose from 4 options: a) Multiple Dates. b) Static Period. c) by Week. d) by Month.
  • The advertising campaign must be scheduled for at least 3 days and a minimum of $ 1 per day.

7 – These are additional options that you can add to the ad campaign if needed as follows:

You can also choose the browser, the operating system, and set times for displaying ads.

8 – The last step is to choose a delivery method, which are two options:

a) Standard – Your ads start showing according your campaign’s schedule settings, until your daily budget is reached.

b) Distributed – Aims to evenly distribute your daily budget across the entire day (0:00 – 23:59) or scheduled time period.

Make sure to add money to your account and after filling in the information you can submit the campaign for review. An email will be sent when the advertising campaign starts.

Monitor your earnings and share your experience in the world of Adveror.!

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