Pricing Models

pricing models

How is the value of the ad campaign calculated? What is the cost per thousand impressions and the cost per click? What are the cost-changing factors.

Solutions for Your business

Adveror ad network provides different ways of digital marketing in the Internet due to the type of advertising you want to publish and they are as follows:

Cost Per Click (CPC)

If you are looking for more visitors to your business, you can use CPC ads, just a few minutes with the addition of your banner to start your campaign growing.

Cost per thousand impressions (CPM)

If your brand is new and you want to become famous everywhere in the world you can use CPM ads sometimes called Cost Per Mille or CPV Cost Per View which is the cost of the ad appearing 1000 times for users.

How prices are calculated for
campaigns in the Adveror Network

Our main pillar in the pricing of clicks and views per 1,000 impressions depends on several factors:

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